Tomorrow’s the big day!!! We’re spending today and most of the day tomorrow organizing, choosing, discarding, re-selecting, imagining, dreaming, laundering (clothes, that is!), and otherwise trying to finish getting ready to leave on the 8:50 Delta flight to Paris tomorrow night!!

I have ascertained that most of what I’ll be carrying is “stuff” – you know: chargers, camera, cell phone, ipod, GPS & holder, a couple of guidebooks and maps, small dictionary, my Nook, toiletries – all bulky items that you can’t wear! I may just have to buy the majority of my wardrobe after we get there if there’s not enough room in my suitcase…what ever happened to the days of throwing a few clothes into a little carry-on and taking off?

Anyway, I suppose we’re better prepared now for eventualities than we were in our youth, and we do like having our creature comforts and electronics, so it’s the price we pay. The good news is that we’re only going to move once, from Paris to Bandol, and so the weight of the suitcases won’t really be an issue.

See you in Paris…