OK, it’s time for a rant. I need to know just exactly who started the ugly and untrue rumor that the French, especially the Parisians, don’t like Americans, are rude, unhelpful, scornful, etc…..

May I say that our experience has been totally the opposite. First, our lovely landlady here in the Marais, who has gone out of her way to make sure we have everything we need (guide books, maps, dictionaries, electrical converters and adapters) so that we may have a comfortable and fun visit.

Oh, let’s not forget the total stranger in the metro station who, seeing me struggle to carry my heavy suitcase down a flight of stairs, came up and asked if he could help me!

On to our Paris Greeter, who simply couldn’t have been any nicer or more helpful. And a friend of his, Chloe, who came with us on the tour, and whom we’ve seen since, and has also proved to be incredibly kind and helpful.

Then there was the time at the bus stop when we were looking at the route and trying to figure something out, and were interrupted by a local who had overheard us and was able to set us straight. It’s been the same in every restaurant, on every street corner when I needed directions, etc.

In other words, Parisians are friendly, kind, helpful, and polite. They’ve gotten a bad rap, and I’d like to set the record straight. SO THERE!!