Wednesday morning the toilet wouldn’t stop running. We’d had the problem the day before, and our landlady had emailed us that it was not an “uncommon” problem, and that if you just pushed the flusher a couple of times quickly it would stop. It sort of worked then, but Wednesday morning, we couldn’t get it to stop! We are not talking about a typical American toilet here, where you can access all the parts, we are talking about one of several styles of European toilets. This one has all the “workings” in the wall, with a flat plastic slab on the wall that you push to flush it. The water WHOOSHes in, and water WOOSHes out, and then, in a sort of waterfall, it refills and all stops.

Well, in the best of all worlds, this is what happens. In our case, the waterfall was continuous. Pretty darn loud, especially in an all tile bathroom. And incredibly wastful of water! This was no mere trickle, I assure you!!

We had to leave with the water running, since we had plans for the day. Hated to do it, but didn’t know what else to do! I called the landlady and left a message, and we were off to a store called Darty, where we were going to buy another GPS! Good grief, we’re going to have a collection – one for every country we visit! But ours were definitely not working, and we’d so enjoyed the freedom we’d found in England to let the GPS get us home that we were hooked. So, off to Darty…

We found the store and were able to buy a new unit for a fairly reasonable sum. We would have preferred not to have to buy one at all, but c’est la vie! Now, home to drop it off, then on to Versailles!

We took the train to Versailles. What a magnificent place that is!! The opulence is breathtaking. I, personally, don’t really like that (in my opinion) overdone, dripping with decoration style, but, for people who like that sort of thing, that is certainly the sort of thing they would like! For me, it’s just darned impressive. And incredible to be standing in the very rooms where Louis XIV et al lived and ruled. Amazing.

After we’d had our fill of Versailles (we skipped the gardens, as it was snowing and COLD!!!), we had lunch at the little café on site, and headed back to the train. Two trains later we were back in our own little apartment (the toilet had stopped, so we figured our landlady had been there in our absence). We had some tea and warmed up!

We spent the rest of the afternoon deciding where to have dinner. Roy found a little Italian restaurant near the Louvre, and we decided to go there. I called and made reservations for 7:30 (early for Paris – they generally don’t eat before 8). In the meantime, the toilet started running again, so we couldn’t get out of there soon enough!

Dinner was another winner. A tiny Italian restaurant on a little courtyard (I’m sure it’s stunning in warm weather!), and just exquisite food! Once again, Paris gets the gastronimic prize.

We got home, and I decided to put a new spin on the whole toilet thing: if we kept the bathroom door closed it sort of faded into the background, so I decided that I’d pretend that it was a fountain. You know how running water is supposed to be soothing? Well, here we were at our own private spa! Drifted off to sleep with calming thoughts…