Thursday we had an appointment to be interviewed by Chloe – she works for the Mayor of the Marais as the director of tourism. We’d met her on our Paris Greeter tour, and she’s a lovely, very intelligent (PhD in geography) person. She’s doing a project for the Mayor about “interactive” tourism, of which the Paris Greeter tour was an example, so she wanted to interview us about our experiences.

Chloe’s office is very near our apartment, so we were to meet her around 10. Our landlady arrived before then with a plumber to fix the toilet, and we left them with that in progress.

We had a lovely time with Chloe. She’d baked some delicious little cakes for us, and she fixed us the most delicious tea, and we chatted for quite a while before we actually got to her “formal” interview. She is just so darned interesting and personable!

Anyway, I hope she got what she needed from us. After the interview, she walked us to the store where we could buy some of the delicious tea she’d served us. Now that’s personal service! She had to leave, so we bid her adieu and she was off.

What a store! SO many different kinds of tea available in so many different forms! I sniffed quite a few, and finally bought two tins and some “tea filters” to make my own teabags, and left a very happy camper!

Back to the apartment to deliver the goodies and have some lunch, and to check out the repaired toilet. Well, it wasn’t. The plumber wasn’t able to get the right fitting, so he’d jury-rigged something that did not work. Roy called our landlady and told her that he hoped the plumber had fixed the phone or something, as he certainly hadn’t fixed the toilet! She was very apologetic, and told us it probably wouldn’t get fixed before we left, as the plumber was tied up. It was very interesting to me that she was concerned about the sound, but when I spoke of the waste, her response was that no, they only paid a flat fee to have the water, they didn’t pay for the usage. The actual waste of the water constantly running down the drain never even occurred to her!

In the afternoon, we were off to the Rodin museum and the Eiffel Tower. We found the Rodin museum somewhat disappointing – I was expecting mostly sculpture, and the interior was mostly drawings, with some sculpture outside. Again, I think in warm weather the gardens would have been beautiful, and it would have been a lovely experience strolling through and coming upon the sculpture. As it was, we hustled from piece to piece, trying not to freeze, and then got out of there!!

The Eiffel Tower was sort of an obligation, since we were in Paris, after all. We didn’t care about going up, since we’d had the fantastic view already from the Arc de Triomphe, but we did want to “see” the tower. It certainly is impressive. Big. Tall. Lots of steel. OK, we saw it! Time to find the bus and get home and warm up!!

One last thing to do at home was to take a bottle of Dove Body Wash that Roy’d bought by mistake, thinking it was lotion, and try to return it to the little store next door and get some lotion. I wasn’t sure if they did returns like that here in France, but decided to give it my best effort. Well, it took some ‘splaining, but I was able to exchange it for what we really wanted.

Dinner was a simple meal at one of the many bistros near our metro stop, and then back to the spa for the night!