Friday…our last day in Paris. Boy did the week speed by! I was just getting really comfortable, and now it was time to leave! But, I lean on my motto: you have to leave something to come back for. Well, let’s just say that we’ve left plenty! But we’ve gotten a real feel for some of the potential of the city, and gotten comfortable getting around and finding great places to eat, AND met some really lovely people!

One of our activities on Friday morning was another trip to Darty. Unbelievably, I’d blown my toothbrush charger by using a current converter that was rated for 1300 watts. I didn’t know that that wasn’t anything UP TO 1300 watts. No, my little 2.3 watt charger was completly blown by the thing. I decided the best thing was to buy another toothbrush like what I have, only the European model. The charger will fit both my toothbrush and the one that comes with it!

I’d found a Darty on the way to the Police Museum, which we thought would be fun for Roy. So we took the various metros required to get there, and were able to get the toothbrush without any problem. It’s perfect.

The police museum was pretty interesting, but didn’t have anything after 1945, and the modern stuff is what Roy is most interested in, so it wasn’t thrilling. It was, however, totally free, so that was certainly something!

Afterwards we headed home for lunch, trying to use up the last of our cheese and bread and ham, etc. Such a chore – but someone’s got to do it! We then headed out to see the Carnavalet museum, supposedly portraying the history of Paris, and in our neighborhood AND free!

The museum was impressive, although we never did find the part where the pre-Roman, or Roman, or Medieval parts of Paris were depicted. However, the rest was enjoyable and well done, and, like they say, for the price…

Dinner was to be at a little bistro we’d found on Trip Advisor. I called for reservations, not really having much hope at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon, but we were in luck! After I dissuaded the owner from his attempts to discourage us because it wasn’t a fancy gourmet restaurant, it was far from where we were staying, (who cares with the Paris metro?!) and it was very small, etc. (I assured him that that was exactly what  we wanted!) we were able to make reservations for 7:45.

We took the three metros to get to the restaurant, and finally found it (it was across the street from the number I’d written down!). As advertised, tiny. But very warm and welcoming. Roy and I proceeded to enjoy our best meal in Paris. Every course was supurb – delicious, beautifully presented, and just the right amount. We each had a 3-course menu, and I had wine, and he had coffee, and the whole cheque was only 80 Euros, or about $100. I’ve spent MUCH more than that at many restaurants at home and NEVER gotten even close to the quality of meal! What a way to end what has been a magnificent week in Paris! À bientôt!