Monday morning our prime objective was to find and make use of a laundromat! We decided to go to the one Carole had told us about that is owned by a friend of hers – never hurts to be able to drop a name! We once again gathered all our stuff and put it into Roy’s suitcase and headed down the stairs to the car.

We found the laundromat without any problems, and Carole’s friend was very helpful. It works a little differently: you go to a central control box, punch in the number of the machine you’re using, and the LED display tells you how much money to put in the control box. As soon as you do, the machine begins. Cool.

While the laundry washed, we scouted for a place to have lunch. No luck. By the time we’d determined that there wasn’t anything, it was time to put the laundry in the dryer! It works from the same control box, and you put in the money for the amount of time that you want. After the machine is going, if you punch in its number, it tells you how much time is left.

We figured that we had enough time to go home and eat while the clothes dried, which we did. Perfect timing – and so we folded and brought everything home. Felt great to have all clean clothes!

In the afternoon we walked all over the village, actually planning on doing some shopping, but everything was closed. We did find one open bakery, and she told us that things are generally closed up on Mondays. Now you tell me. We’re still learning the rules…