On Sunday, we really needed to do two things: laundry and grocery shop. Without a clothes dryer, we really needed a laundromat, as we’d arrived with pretty much all dirty clothes.

Carole had told us where there was a grocery store and a laundry, so we spent some time on the computer locating them and headed out after breakfast. Felt good to be settling into our new home, and to be getting some of the “lay of the land”.

We’d packed our laundry into Roy’s suitcase for easy transporting to the car, etc. We’d also decided that it would be prudent to walk the route we’d have to drive from the apartment to the garage, as it is somewhat complicated by all the one way streets on this little hill where we’re situated. Walking is a pretty straight shot, but we needed to know how to get the car back to the garage.

This seemed like an only somewhat difficult project, but after we’d walked quite a bit and not yet found the garage, we began to feel that we were well and truly lost. Meandering around on these narrow streets, dragging our suitcase of laundry behind us, it was an interesting prospect that now, not only could we not find the garage, but we weren’t even sure we cold find our way back to the apartment!

Fortunately, our instincts proved correct, and, after being stopped and helped by a friendly local who recognized a couple of lost souls when he saw them, we were able to locate the garage. Whew!

Now time became an issue, as the grocery store was only open until 12:30, so we got into the car and set out to find it. Fortunately, we were successful, and found it without much ado. Finding a parking place, however, proved more challenging. I guess everyone shops on Sunday morning!

We did finally find one, and got into the store. BUSY! We did a quick shopping, getting what we thought we needed, and at one point, turned around and looked out the front window to see SNOW falling pretty darned heavily! You gotta be kidding! We rushed through the shopping, and by the time we were finished the snow had stopped, and the ground was clear. It’s been above freezing for some time here, so I guess the ground was too warm for the snow to stick. Thank God for small favors! We didn’t feature negotiating these narrow, winding, hilly roads in the snow!!

We checked out of the store with 10 minutes to spare, and asked on the way out where the laundromat was. Carole had told us that there was one near the store. The clerk told us that it was closed on Sunday. Darn! Time to implement Plan B…

Plan B was using the little washing machine at the apartment and hanging the clothes up to dry. So, back to the apartment we drove (again, actually finding the way by car was a bit challenging, since we hadn’t taken the most direct route the day before…), dropped off the groceries and laundry, and then drove to the garage. This proved to be easier than we thought, and we were really glad we’d walked it earlier – we had no problems!

We did some laundry and hung it on the little rack provided – it needed to dry soon, as all I had to wear was my pyjamas! By the time we got back from a pizza dinner (yes, I did wear what I call my pyjamas, which are a sweatshirt and sweatpants), it was still barely thinking about getting dry. So…

We spread it around the apartment on the various radiators in all the rooms! Those things crank out a lot of heat, and this proved to be a pretty good way to get stuff dry in a hurry!! We went to bed with dry, clean clothes waiting for us for Monday morning.