We were excited on Wednesday morning to meet Mina and her friend Ida (who is Dutch, and of course speaks both French and English!) and to see Sanary-sur-Mer. Ida had offered to drive, which was fine with us! We met them in town and off we went.

Sanary is very close. In fact, Mina said that she not infrequently walks there! I’d say that would be a pretty good hike, but, whatever. The weather was beautifully sunny, and probably would have been warm if it hadn’t been for the Mistral – the cold wind that blows ferociously in these parts every now and then. I’ll just say that I was VERY glad I’d brought my earmuffs, and hats and furs and gloves were in evidence everywhere.

Undaunted, we found a parking place, and headed over to the market. WOW! Mina wasn’t kidding that it’s bigger than Bandol! We find these markets pretty amazing, as they set up in the morning, and they’re striking by 12:30. Such a lot of work! But it must be worthwhile for them…

We were on the back end of this one, but had plenty of time to get a feel for it. We really didn’t need anything, as we’d stocked up the day before, but it was fun to see it, and we’ll certainly be back!!

We had difficulty finding a restaurant for lunch – everything was either closed for the off-season, closed for remodeling, or just closed! But both Mina and Ida showed us some of their favorites, and we walked around a little in the village, and whetted our appetite for future adventures!

Back in Bandol, we had some lunch at home, then went to the grocery store by car to get some things, then decided to take a ride to La Ciotat, which is about 30 minutes away. We just sort of wanted to spot it for future exploring, as our kids, Kris and Mark, had spent some time there a couple of years ago while work was being done on a boat they were operating, and they’d given us some “assignments”. We weren’t completing any assignments this day, but did enjoy scoping out the place by car.

Back to Bandol to get ready for our friends, Kathy and Ron, to arrive on Thursday!! We haven’t seen them in quite a while, and we’re REALLY looking forward to having them with us for a week or so here in Bandol! Prepare for much laughter, merriment, and song!!!