We decided that Saturday would be a cleaning and reorganizing day. We’d been here for two weeks now, and, apart from a couple of floor moppings, we hadn’t really done any significant cleaning. So…

We thought we’d quickly vacuum and strip the beds before going into the village to do some shopping for the weekend. Oh, the best laid plans…

We discovered, when we moved the guest beds to get off the linens, that nobody has done any significant vacuuming here for a very long time. Very long. So we got the vacuum out, and I opened it to check the bag. The bag wasn’t even seated, just sitting in the compartment along with all the dust, dirt, and hair…you get the idea. Disgusting. We got another bag, cleaned out the compartment, but couldn’t figure out how to install the bag. We spent about and hour messing around with it, and finally Roy had to glue, yes, glue the bag to a contraption that seated into the compartment so that the hose would fit into the hole. Unbelievable. No wonder the place needs vacuuming!

Anyway, at this point we’d spent WAY too much time on this project, so I just vacuumed the guest room thoroughly, and did a cursory vacuuming of the hallway and kitchen, and then we headed down to the village. We didn’t want things to close up before we had the chance to do our shopping! Now that Roy had fixed the vacuum, we could do that later!

The weather continued warm and delightful, and we had a lovely time shopping. We got some salad stuff, cauliflower, a rotisserie chicken, potatoes roasted in the chicken drippings, and a couple of slices of rotisserie ham! YUM! Of course, some bread, pasteries, etc., as well. That’s an every day occurrence.

We took our food home, then went back out and spent some time strolling the docks. If one enjoys boats, there’s lots to look at in this harbor! It was such a beautiful day, and the village was filling up with people. I don’t know how many of them are tourists, but I have to believe that quite a few are. But they’re almost all French. With the exception of the English couple who pointed me to our now favorite cheese, and the American woman I met in the Carrefour here in Bandol, we’ve met only French here. 

When hunger called, we headed back to the apartment for a bread/cheese/sausage lunch. So delicious! Then, after lunch, when we’d thought that we’d be vacuuming away, we had some nice quiet time reading instead. Vacuuming can wait… (By the way, I’m loving my Nook! That was one very good purchase we made before leaving the U.S.)

When we’d had enough reading and snoozing, we went back into the village to enjoy the afternoon and to find a place to have my hair cut sometime next week. We were successful on both counts. Really loving this beautiful weather!!

Dinner was some of the potatoes, crisped up in the oven, the cauliflower, and some of the ham, which Roy fried up in a pan to heat it. All very successful. Yum!