Sunday was laundry day! Our apartment has a little washing machine, and we use it for underwear, socks, and other small stuff, and we hang it to dry on a rack we put on our little balcony. So far, it’s been working pretty well, although the rack is kind of small. We’ve been “helping” the process by putting stuff on the radiators in the apartment if it hasn’t dried by evening. I think the problem is that the stuff is too crowded on the rack, because it certainly gets plenty of sun. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there at this point, we’ve been making it work. We’ll see what happens when we’re not using heat anymore (I do expect to get to that point!)

But, for larger, heavier stuff, it’s a poor solution. So we go to the laundromat. On Sunday, we had lots of sheets, towels, and all of our heavier shirts, pants, sweaters, etc. to wash. We stuffed it all into Roy’s suitcase and drove over to the laundromat. We’ve learned that it’s open all the time, just not “manned” all the time. But, now that we know how to use it, no problem!

We were there pretty early, and there was only one other person there. He was finishing up, so the washers were ours. Good thing, too, as we used three of them! We stuffed the clothes in, threw in the soap tablets, and punched the washer numbers into the “controller” on the wall and inserted our money! Simple!! In no time we had three washers chugging away, and were €15 poorer! It’s expensive to do laundry here!!

We had a little grocery shopping to do, so we drove to the Carrefour while the laundry was cooking. Roy got gas and joined me in the store, where we picked up a couple of items we needed. Interesting about the gas: yes, it’s somewhat more expensive than at home, but our car is a very efficient Ford of some sort, diesel, and we’re not driving all that much – and when we do, the distances aren’t very big. It looks, so far, like our monthly fuel bill will be about the same or less than it is at home! This would be a good thing!

Anyway, back to transfer the laundry to the dryers (€9), and then we drove to a car wash we’d spied on the way out of the village. Roy has been eager to wash the car, and here was an opportunity! Fortunately, there was someone using the car wash in front of us, and I was able to ask her how it worked. You go inside and pay the guy for the kind of wash you want, and he gives you a card that you will insert in the machine at the entrance to the bay. So Roy drove the car in, got out, and I put the card in, and the wash started. Just like that! In this case, the car wash equipment moves around the car, which stays put with one tire in a sort of groove, until the wash is finished. Then you drive away. Simple!

We drove our newly clean car back to the laundry, and dealt with getting stuff out of the dryer. So many clean clothes! I felt rich!!

After lunch we walked over to the beach. It was a beautiful day, about 60°, and I had a feeling that the beach might be pretty active. No kidding!! People were actually IN the water!! And many more lying in bikinis or some other swim gear on the beach, or wading in the water, and kids playing in the sand! Yes, it’s beautiful, and sunny, but, folks, I’m still wearing my down vest on top of my sweater…get a grip!! There is definitely still a chill in the air!! But it was sure fun watching everyone enjoying the beautiful beach and water.

We then took a long walk in the village – in a different part than we’d been before. There is so much to explore here, so many little streets that go up and around…it’s really fun! So we walked up a hill and got some great views of the sea and the harbor, and poked around there a bit, then down and along the edge of the harbor and all the way out along the break wall as far as we could go. Many, many people everywhere (this place must be a zoo in the summer!!) enjoying the beautiful day and just out strolling and kids running around – what a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

We walked back in from the sea to the village center and each had some ice cream, then hit an ATM, got some bread, and headed home for a quiet evening. A lovely day!