On Wednesday I joined the little Bandol library! We walk past it several times each day, as it’s in a large building that is over our parking garage, and it’s also on the way to our favorite small grocery store here in town (the eight to 8 – but it’s more like a really small grocery store than a 7 – 11 store, as it has a pretty full selection of everything from fresh produce to wine! We shop there when we’ve missed the opening hours of the village shops, or on Mondays.).

Anyway, I decided it would be worthwhile to find out what they have in the library, especially if they have DVDs, which are usually in several languages, at least with subtitles. So, in I sauntered, (after figuring out where the entrance was!), and I went up to the desk to chat with one of the helpful staff. She was pretty baffled by having to try to explain the rules for temporary residents to me with my schoolgirl French, and she spoke too quickly for me to pick up a lot of what she was saying. So she went and got the library director to help me.

This was a lovely person whom I was able to understand. I had to show her my passport, fill out a little form and pay €10, plus a €30 deposit, which I’ll get back when we leave. And she gave me a card! Now I can check out books (I think I’ll start with some children’s books…) and DVDs (yes, they have quite a few!), and she told me about a person who leads a small group of people who want to speak English, and suggested that we might enjoy meeting each other. Definitely a productive meeting!

I feel so good having a library card! What fun!!