On my ride with Mina, one of the things we talked about is the coming of spring. She said that here, where there are so many evergreens and palms, spring is heralded for her by the blooming of the mimosa trees.

These are not the same mimosas we have at home in Atlanta – they’re bright yellow! Absolutely gorgeous. There’s even a town, which she recommended to me, called Bormes les Mimosas, where there are supposedly an abundance of mimosas that are absolutely stunning in spring.

So, Friday afternoon, we decided to take a ride to this village. It’s not too far, but we decided to take the motorway there, then we could take our time getting back if we wanted to.

What a charming village! The mimosas were almost past, but you can still see some remnants in this photo:

View in Bormes les Mimosas

It was just beautiful! The day was gorgeous, and although the mimosas were pretty much past, this village is planted everywhere with flowers! And it’s built right into the side of a mountain, so the views are stunning. Here’s the village:


Bormes les Mimosas

It’s pretty amazing! The little village itself has several excellent-looking restaurants, and one especially neat gift shop, where I expect to return. Lots of really neat, unusual gifts, and they sell olive oils, etc. We just got an overview for future further exploring!

Anyway it was a really fun place to visit. And we did have a little sit-down in a café before we left, where I had a delicious hot chocolate! YUM!! Here are a couple more photos of the village and the view:


Old windmill in the village – previously used for grinding wheat



It was still early enough when we left that we decided to take the “scenic” road home. When we got to our car, we spent some time with the map and Jeeves plotting it out, then were on our way.

The first thing we had to do was to drive up – kind of a surprise since we knew we had to go down to get home, but we figured we’d get some more magnificent views – that is, if we could avoid the bicycles that were whizzing down the mountain! The road very quickly became very narrow – to the point that Roy asked me if I was sure this was a road for cars, or was it just supposed to be for bikes? I promise, this gave new meaning to the word narrow! And we were definitely going UP. Even if we’d wanted to, which might have crossed our minds at this point, there was no way to turn back. At least we were on the inside of the road, hugging the mountain, instead of being hung out to dry on the edge.

Well – for the first part anyway. Because of switchbacks, etc., we shortly were driving on the side of the road (if you could call it that – either side or road!) with the drop! Yikes! And the bikes just kept coming…I’m sure there were spectacular views, but who had the luxury of looking? Our primary objective was to not go off the edge, and to try to avoid killing any bicyclists. We also met a couple of oncoming cars, which was really interesting – can you say S-L-O-W-L-Y? Geeze, what a ride!!! I wish I had photos to show you, but you’ll just have to use your imagination. Then triple it!!

We did finally make it home – it was a long trip which ended on the motorway after all. Chalk this one up to “lesson learned” – sometimes the motorway is the best choice!