On Thursday we got lucky again! We’d decided to go to Sanary sur Mer (our neighboring village) for lunch – perhaps trying out one of the restaurants that Mina had shown us when we’d been to the market there with her.

We easily got there and found the parking – signage in most of these villages is really good for the parking lots. I wanted to find the tourist office first so that we could get a map (we really miss being to print one from our computer) – I just need one to be oriented, since I have no basic sense of direction! So that we did easily, and then walked through a little passage into the center of the village.

Roy had also done some research, so we decided to check out the restaurants he’d found first, then check out Mina’s recommendations, and make a decision. As we were walking between targeted locations, I did a quick snoop of the stores – I’ll definitely be back with a mission to snoop and shop, because this village has LOTS to offer in that department!

We walked past a bakery that was packed – when we looked in the window we understood why! So I got in line, while Roy looked and wrote down for me what he wanted so that I could order it when the time came. Worked out perfectly, and our bag (thank you, Vicki!!) started filling up! YUM!

We checked out the various restaurants and made a choice – but it wasn’t noon yet. Lunch time really is between 12 and 2 – the stores all close, and the restaurants open! So we walked over to a sort of deli connected to an Italian restaurant, where they were making and selling all kinds of home made Italian food. This was also one of the places Mina had shown us. Anyway, we bought some lasagna to take home for later eating, then went back to the restaurant we’d picked out.

We were the first ones in when the doors were open, and I told the young lady that we’d like to have lunch but didn’t have reservations. She took a moment, then asked if a table in the window sort of behind a screen (blocking the door) would be OK. We grabbed it happily, and proceeded to have another outstanding lunch! And the restaurant DID fill up – they must have turned away 8 or 9 parties who didn’t have reservations! So, let’s see, note to self: make reservations, and if you can’t, be early!!

I had delicious baked camembert appetizer, along with some crispy toasts and a salad, and Roy had a smoked salmon appetizer with toast and an arugula salad. Both absolutely yummy!! (this could have been the entire lunch for either of us, but we had more coming…)

We shared a pizza for our main course – on a crust that was practically a cracker it was so thin and crispy! Then Roy had what we call a “lava” chocolate cake – you know, all filled with gooey, running melted chocolate, (I gotta’ tell you – ours can’t hold a candle to this!) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I had chocolate mousse – three scoops of creamy, light, lucious, melting in your mouth chocolate. How bad can that be?

It was awesomely delicious! We were thrilled with our good fortune to be able to have lunch there without having had reservations. Now we have their card for any future visits!