On Wednesday, another really beautiful, sunny day, we went with Merc and Sarena to the BIG open market in the neighboring village, Sanary sur Mer. They are as interested in food and trying new delights as I am, so I knew they’d enjoy it! Their mission was to find lunch. We planned a picnic-style lunch with cheeses, sausages, etc., and I wanted them to have the opportunity to put it together from the market.

They did an awesome job! We had delicious cheeses, sausages, head cheese, marinated little baby squid, olives, fabulous bread, cherry tomatoes, etc…I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but it was great! And, for the first time, it was so beautiful outside that we were able to eat on our balcony! We even had to roll out the awning! Here’s what it looked like before we dove in:

Lunch on our balcony

It was fabulous!!! Such a delicious variety of yummy things to try and enjoy! Here are a couple of views from the balcony:

Mountains in the distance


The water peeking through

 After lunch we planned to do some wine tasting. I knew that I wanted to go with them to Chateau de Pibarnon, the beautiful winery we’d visited with Kathy and Ron. Beyond that, we were going to wing it. There are so many wineries in this region – you drive down the street and are confronted by innumerable signs directing you to this one or that one, so I knew we’d have an easy time finding one to sample.

Indeed, Pibarnon didn’t disappoint. The beautiful drive, view, and tasting room…it was great. We had a different “host” than last time, and it was her first day on the job! I think we were her first customers as well – lucky for her, since we’re so easy! We had fun with her, and enjoyed tasting the wines. Merc and Sarena selected a bottle to take home, and I splurged on a bottle of the best wine for myself! These wine tastings are (usually) free, but they can run into money anyway…

The second vinyard we chose was kind of a bust – although we could taste the wines (I really liked the red), they won’t have any to sell until May. Worse, the “host” only spoke French, and spent the entire time talking, talking, talking, fast, fast, fast, and not anything particularly interesting. Whatever she had to say, it was definitely more than we wanted to know, and I couldn’t fully understand it all anyway…we just wanted to escape at some point, which we did!

For dinner that night, we returned to the site of our best meal with Kathy and Ron, La Table du Vignerons. Although something was lost in the fact that it was dark, so the setting wasn’t part of the event, the dinner didn’t disappoint. The service was again impeccable, and we all had incredible, sumptuous meals. A fine way to end a fabulous day!