We are having so much fun with Suzan and Mike! We are going to the market in town daily, including all of our favorite boulangeries, bouchers, fromageries, and legumes et fruits vendors, and loving eating the resulting booty! We’ve had a couple of absolutely fabulous lunches out as well, about which I’ll elaborate herein.

Our first lunch out was at a little restaurant called Le Rendezvous. It’s set back away from the port, so doesn’t need to charge inflated prices, and it’s owned/run by a lovely young couple. He is the chef and she is everything else! They always have some very simple traditional French fare along with some unique inventions of the chef. For example, the day we were there, I had a tomato tart tatin with goat cheese ice cream (yes, I said ice cream) and a little glass of gazpacho with a cappuccino-like foam on top! It was awesome! The tart was tomatoes and caramelized onions on a delicious, buttery crust, the goat cheese ice cream was a complete surprise in terms of its yumminess (a bit sweet, but with that unmistakeable tang of goat cheese), and it melted beautifully on the tart! The gazpacho was delicious as well! I definitely got the prize for lunch! The other dishes were: mini ravioli stuffed with cheese and drenched in a cream sauce with mushrooms and something green, then topped with cheese and baked in the oven until all melty and good; and a pair of little “packets” made of something like spring roll wrappers, filled with potato, ham, and cheese, and baked until all crispy and good. Nobody was disappointed, that’s for sure. Here they are:

Clockwise from bottom: ravioli, cheesy packets, ravioli again, and tomato tatin

Well, you can see for yourself that it was really something to behold, not to mention consume!! Just exquisite!

I’d love to stick around and tell you more about what we’ve been doing together, but it’s time to go put together another delicious meal and  then eat it! I’ll try to write again before too long…

À bientôt!